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      A Friendly Face For Insurance
      Toll Free: 1-800-955-2171

      These Insurance Companies Represented By Nicolet Insurance

      We have proudly represented Peace Hills Since 1992, however Peace Hills has been serving Western Canada as a licensed general insurance provider. Since 1982. Peace Hills is committed to providing products with coverage and prices to fit the needs of all our customers. Call one of our offices for a quote or visit our website http://web.utdgkaph.tw/Quotes/index.html

      About Peace Hills Insurance
      Peace hills Insurance is owned by the Samson Cree Nation. With a head office in Edmonton and a branch offices in Calgary, Vancouver and Manitoba..
      Peace Hills Mission Statement & Vision Peace Hills Insurance owned by the Samson Cree Nation is a unique insurance company that truly cares. Its vision is to be a well-respected, profitable provider of general insurance products delivered through creative and responsive solutions.

      Auto Insurance Products through Peace Hills
      Peace Hills We believe that service and flexibility are the most important factors when looking at car insurance and each client should be looked at on an individual basis, based on their merits as a driver. They provide automatic coverages for your peace of mind.
      If you are over 25 years old we will automatically include loss of use coverage for a rental car if your car is damaged in an accident and is being repaired.
      If we insure your property and you are over 25 years old, we will automatically include our Package Plus Endorsement which includes the following coverages:?
      Loss of use coverage?
      Coverage for non-owned vehicles: e.g. when renting a car.
      Waiver of Depreciation Endorsement: This is coverage for your new vehicle which will, for a limited time, compensate you for insured losses with no depreciation.

      Property Insurance
      With a range of home & Commercial property & Personal Property insurance packages will make sure that you are covered for everything that may come your way. Whether you own a house, a condo, or rent an apartment!
      Here are just some of the enhancements that are included in Peace Hills home insurance policies free of charge:
      2 million ($2,000,000) Personal Liability Protection
      Sewer Back Up (may cost extra depending on where you live)
      Property of a student temporarily living away from home
      Property of a parent living in a nursing home
      Jewellery up to $6,000 (higher limits can be added on)
      Home Insurance: Our homeowner's insurance is one of the most comprehensive packages available.

      Intact Insurance Quotes
      Are you looking for an commercial insurance or personal home, tenant, or car insurance quote for Intact Insurance? Nicolet insurance has been proudly representing Intact since 1992 and are able to quickly and accurately compare rates for Intact and several other companies. Get a free quote online  http://web.utdgkaph.tw/Quotes/index.html or by contacting one of our offices

      Company Information
      With over 4 million policyholders, Intact Insurance is the largest home, auto and business insurer in all of Canada. Intact Financial Corporation has both strength and stability. They offer great bundle and toy discounts

      Intact Auto Insurance
      Nicolet Insurance brokers will design an auto insurance package with you in mind. Whether you need just basic liability coverage to get from point A to point B or an enhanced policy to cover your brand new car, a Nicolet Insurance broker will ensure that you have the best insurance coverage, for your lifestyle and your car.

      30 Minute Claims Guarantee
      When you call Intact Insurance to report a claim, we guarantee that within 30 minutes of answering your call, one of our dedicated claims representatives will start your claim.

      Property Insurance
      It does not matter if you are seeking out commercial, personal property, house, condo, rented dwellings, or tenant insurance, Intact Insurance has specialized insurance coverage’s to meet your needs. Intact Insurance offers home insurance coverage to fit your lifestyle. Choose what you need to protect what you value:

      House: Protect home and outdoor structures such as the garage, gazebo or shed.
      Contents: Choose coverage to protect things you care about.
      Yourself: Personal liability protection covers you worldwide
      Special limits coverage for high-value items such as securities, utility trailers, jewelry, watches, gems and furs, stamp collections, and bicycles

      We have been proudly representing Wawanesa Insurance since 1982.
      If you are looking for free quotes for Wawanesa farm, commercial, home, or auto insurance? Nicolet Insurance will help you compare rates for Wawanesa as well as multiple other Alberta providers. If you would like to start a free online quote please stop by or call one of our offices, or visit http://web.utdgkaph.tw/Quotes/index.html

      Wawanesa Company Profile
      .Wawanesa is a proud company with a long history dating back to 1896. They take pride in their stability, both financial and operational, and plan to continue growing in the future just as we have in the past. They wish to provide ever increasing numbers of policyholders with excellent products and service. Their mutual ownership structure both allows them and requires them to take a steady and prudent approach to balancing growth and financial strength.

      "Earning your trust since 1896"... As a policyholder-owned mutual insurance company, we will continue to earn trust by providing quality products and services at the lowest price which supports long-term growth and financial stability.

      Wawanesa Auto Insurance
      Save even more on your Wawanesa auto insurance.  if any of these premium saving features apply to you
      -You insure two or more vehicles
      with Wawanesa
      -Both your auto and home insurance policies are with Wawanesa
      -Your children have completed a driver education course
      -You are a mature driver (aged 50+)
      -You have not been involved in an automobile accident in the past 6 years
      -You have never received a traffic ticket

      Wawanesa Home Insurance
      For homeowners, condo owners, and renters alike, Wawanesa provides modern insurance protection for all of your property, contents, and personal liability needs.
      Comprehensive coverage is available on most homes and Optional coverage is available including
      -All Risk Boats and Motors
      -All Risk coverage for Computer Equipment
      -All Risk Fine Arts
      -All Risk Scheduled Items (i.e. jewellery, furs)
      -Earthquake Coverage
      -Guaranteed Replacement Cost on Building
      -Home Business Coverage
      -Increased Liability Limits
      -Secondary and Seasonal Residences
      -Service Line Coverage

      Aviva Insurance including Aviva Elite & Nautimax

      As an office we have been proudly representing Aviva for the last 10 years in both personal and commercial lines

      Quotes: If you are looking for home, tenant, car, mobile home, or antique collector vehicle insurance quote for Aviva Insurance in Alberta? Our brokers are able to quickly and accurately compare rates for Aviva as well as multiple other Alberta insurance companies. If you would like to start a free online quote, please visit our quote page: http://web.utdgkaph.tw/Quotes/index.html or contact one of our office.

      Aviva's Company Profile : Aviva Canada is one of the leading property and casualty insurance groups in the country providing home, automobile, leisure/lifestyle and business insurance to more than three million customers. A wholly-owned subsidiary of UK-based Aviva plc, the company has more than 4,000 employees focused on creating a bright and sustainable future for our customers and our communities. Aviva Canada invests in positive change through the Aviva Community Fund, Canada’s longest running online community funding competition. Since its inception in 2009, the Aviva Community Fund has awarded $6.5 million to over 222 charities and community groups nationwide. Aviva Canada, bringing over 300 years of good thinking and insurance solutions to Canadians from coast to coast.

      Aviva Auto Insurance (Nautimax) including personal auto , commercial auto, collector vehicles, and Antique Aviva Insurance has options to increase mandatory liability coverage’s customers can be sure to have what they need, including:
      Liability coverage if you accidentally injure someone else or cause damage to their property;
      Healthcare for you and your family if you've suffered a car accident.
      And coverages to replace or repair your vehicle in the event of a accident
      Collision: protects your vehicle from damage caused by an accident.
      Comprehensive: covers damage from non-collision incidents such as burglary, fire and hail.

      Aviva Home Insurance including Elite
      Whether you've just rented your first apartment, moved into your first condo or purchased your dream house, or mobile home (Elite) Aviva offers a wide range of home insurance products that protect:
      Your main residence from perils such as fire, hail or burglary
      Detached private structures such as garages and garden sheds
      All of your personal contents such as furniture, clothing and electronics
      Personal liability coverage to cover in case you or your family are found negligent for injury or damage to someone else
      Extra options are also available, such as sewer backup, valuables coverage, extra liability and identity theft. Make sure to ask your broker for more details.

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